About Us

Main Street Title Company, LLC was formed in April 2009 by Rausch Coleman Homes, PMC Homes and Dax D. Junker with the simple philosophy that superior service and expertise in the real estate closing industry would produce happy clients and a solid business model.  That philosophy has been proven to be sound.  After hundreds of successful closings on new construction home sales, real estate broker files, refinances, short sales, auction sales, receivership sales, and every other type of real estate transaction, Main Street Title has developed a reputation for dependability, thoroughness, efficiency, and expediency.  Its stellar staff of friendly, experienced, and helpful closers, processors and legal counsel can help make your next real estate transaction happen smoothly and quickly.  Main Street Title takes pride in removing the stress, hassle and headaches from the closing process.

Main Street Title also takes pride in its competitive charges and conveniences we provide.  Main Street Title is managed by Dax D. Junker, a licensed attorney with over ten years of experience in the real estate and title industry.  That means quick answers to your legal questions, rapid underwriting decisions, preparation of curative documents without delaying the closing process, and extremely fast turnaround time on attorney opinions and commitments. 

Main Street Title also has simplified pricing based on the loan amount or purchase price of your transaction boiled down into one number so your Good Faith Estimate or disclosures can be absolutely accurate the first time.  Check out our easy to use Fees page.  There is no guessing about our costs, and no hidden fees.  Main Street also provides closing documents to the parties on disk for convenient storage and review.  Need your payoff or proceeds delivered somewhere here in town after closing?  No problem.  Main Street Title will take care of those hassles for you, free of charge.  Main Street also takes pride in customer care after the closing.  We will get you your filed documents back in a hurry, and your title insurance policies will usually be done within sixty days.  In a nutshell, Main Street Title makes the closing process easy for you so you can spend more time enjoying the satisfaction of your home purchase, sale or refinance. 

Main Street Title is a proud agent of First American Title Insurance Company and American Eagle Title Insurance Company.  Main Street Title is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa and National Association of Home Builders.