70 Something Ways You Could Lose Your Home

We invite you to download this informative and time-sensitive report to learn dozens of ways title insurance benefits homeowners. Please share this important information with your family and friends.

Download (PDF, 1.16MB)

Report courtesy of First American Title Insurance Company, insurance provider for Main Street Title Company.

Title Issues PDF report

Property Taxes 101

Ever had questions about your Property Taxes? For Example, what is a Tax Mill or why did my assessed value stay the same but my taxes went up anyway?

This Tulsa World article (click here to read) gives helpful information and explanations so you can better understand your real estate tax bill. It also gives you a little bit of History and some common misconceptions about your real estate taxes. Hope it helps answer some of your questions.

Online Closing Cost Calculator

After a few months of planning, development, and testing, our Online Closing Cost Calculator has been released. Please use the Online Closing Cost Calculator yourself and share it with a friend. We’ve made it widely accessible so use it wherever you’ll enjoy it most:



  • Calculate as a Buyer with Mortgage, Cash Buyer, Refinance, or Seller
  • Recalculate multiple times to keep getting new estimates
  • Calculate with or without Owner’s Title Insurance (an uncommon feature for closing cost calculators, especially helpful to Realtors preparing Cost to Buyer estimates for clients)
  • Email the results to yourself or a friend
  • Print the results
  • Email the results to Main Street Title – just for follow-up information or to get your title work started right away

Main Street Title Closing Cost Calculator

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Closing Cost Calculator Coming Soon

Within the next couple weeks, we plan to release our Online Closing Cost Calculator, where you’ll be able to get an estimate for your closing costs – including title insurance!

This is something we’ve wanted to do for quite a while, and it will be another way to set us apart from our competition in terms of transparency, client communication, and ease of use.

It’s only for Residential transactions – Seller, Buyer with Mortgage, Cash Buyer, or Refinance. Commercial transactions are so variable that only customized pricing is available.


  • Main Street Title and Government recording/transfer fees included.
  • Lenders and Realtors can obtain more accurate Good Faith Estimate (GFE), Cost to Buyer, and Net to Seller information for their clients.
  • Buyers and Sellers can see their costs, even if their Lender or Realtor didn’t prepare cost estimates based on Main Street Title’s costs.
  • Builders and Sellers can obtain estimates for themselves and their Buyers when considering paying the Buyer’s closing costs.
  • Refinance estimates are available too.
  • Everyone can see for themselves how competitive our pricing is–closing fees, title fees, and even our title insurance are offered at great prices.
  • The Online Closing Cost Calculator can be your first step toward experiencing the excellent communication and straight-forward service you’ll be treated with at Main Street Title Company!